Photo: Rickard Sporrong
© SU-EN Butoh Company

VORACIOUS – the film

Desiring the world
She never has enough
Devouring the world
She must have a taste
Devoured by the world
Who eats whom?
Becoming the hunger
Her body is the world

This art and body video was born out of a very physical sensation regarding hunger and the need to eat from the world. The dancer’s body and voice is at the center but a very special guest, the mini pig Laban is also very important.


Duration: 24 minutes

Concept and voice: SU-EN
Choreography and dance: SU-EN
With: Laban, the mini pig

Camera and post production: Rickard Sporrong
Sound and sound design: Rickard Sporrong
Light design and B camera: Magnus Göthlund
Assistant: KAI-EN

Supported by:
The Regional Film Commission of Uppland, Sweden
Swedish Arts Council
Swedish Arts Grants Committee
City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board

Thanks to:
Årsta 4 H Bolsta: Mini pigs Sumo and Linnea
Erda Åkerlund
Lars Öhrman & Diggen
Anders and Birgitta Karlsson
Silvio Trevizan
Uppsala Konstmuseum
Ms Piggy’s Pet Pigs (Eva Magnusson)
Family Holmgren
Sebastian Stanczak
Philip Bloom