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The Routledge Companion to Butoh Performance

1st edition

Edited by Bruce Baird and Rosemary Candelario

Featuring two essays by SU-EN.
Light as dust, hard as steel, fluid as snake saliva – the Butoh Body of Ashikawa Yoko

SU-EN Butoh Company – body, nature, and the world

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Butoh – Body and the world

The book by SU-EN and photographer Maja Sandberg. With texts compiled and edited by Gilles Kennedy. This dual-language publication in English and Swedish presents choreographer and Butoh artist SU-EN and her specific Butoh body and Butoh world.

The artistic collaboration in this visually impressive book includes full-page photography by Maja Sandberg placing Butoh bodies in outdoor environments such as a stone island in the Swedish archipelago, a scrapyard and a chicken-coop.

The text and prose notes are compiled with British dance writer Gilles Kennedy to introduce the training that crafts the Butoh body and to provide insight into the contemporary performance that results from that work. The text includes an outline of the historical processes that lead to the birth of this radical dance form in Japan after World War II.

Format 191 x 230 cm, soft dust jacket with front and back flaps, 84 pages, 40 pages with colour and monochromatic images.

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The Chicken Project Instruction DVD!

The opportunity you have been waiting for! How to become a chicken in your spare time! The SU-EN Chicken Method is the ultimate way to Chickendom! The successful international chicken instructor SU-EN introduces you to the ultimate step-by-step method for becoming a chicken. In this systematic program participants study the constitution of the hen and are then guided into advanced applications, such as day-to-day behaviour to the final exam at the chicken farm.

50 minutes – PAL FORMAT – DVD-R+
Stereo sound – English subtitles
Training booklet included

Price 10 Euro + postage

Photo: Maja Sandberg

Photo: Hans T/Patrik Sporrong

Photo: Maja Sandberg