Åsa Norling, Hållnäs Konstkoloni
© Amit Sen and SU-EN Butoh Company 2021

Visiting Project Hållnäs 2021

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June 10-11, 2021. 10 visits and performances around
Hållnäs Peninsula
June 12, Public showing and talk, Edvalla

The two artists visit people’s homes and workspaces and make a short improvisation inspired by each place. Each improvisation is followed by a talk with the spectators.

Dance: SU-EN
Music: Amit Sen and JS Bach
Production: Hållnäs Konstkoloni, Hållnäs Hembygdsförening, SU-EN Butoh Company, Ars & Modus

Places that we visited:
Hållnäs school
11 o’clock coffee, the Hållnäs church community center
A delivery truck
The churchyard, Hållnäs church
Åddebo wool workshop
Retired people’s housing
Accountant’s office
Anneli’s hair salon
ICA Kastbergs foodshop
Maria’s sheep
Gudinge harbour
Åke’s boat Linda

Thank you for all the people who welcomed us into their space!

Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Education and Culture, Region Uppsala, City of Tierp