Photo © Amit Sen/SU-EN

marathon screening

March 1 and 2, 2024
City Library of Uppsala

During two days at the City Library of Uppsala, the Swedish based artists Amit Sen and SU-EN presented their long term collaboration project Modus Mobile/Visiting Project.
In a guerilla like way they have visited and performed at unusual places such as people’s homes, schools, street stalls and car shops. They simply knocked on the door or just said hello in the street or the park. People were surprisingly welcoming!

Since so many years has passed sine the first try out in 2006, it was time to put all the visits together. Each day an Open Talk took place about the meaning of contemporary arts in people’s lives today. The artists also did several short improvisations at the entrance of the City Library.

The Modus Mobile/Visiting Project has been done at:
Hammenhög village and vicinity, 2006. Uppsala several neighbourhoods, 2007. Pajala, 2008. Padang, Indonesia, 2018. Hållnäs peninsula, 2021

Thanks to: Christina and Mehdi at the City Library of Uppsala!

Supported by:  Swedish Arts Council, City of Uppsala – Cultural
Affairs Board