Photo: Joan Laage
© SU-EN Butoh Company


SU-EN Butoh Company new solo 2019

Choreography and dance: SU-EN
Ceramics artwork: Mari Sjövall Anari
Music: Fabrice Bony
Light design: Robert Berglund and SU-EN
Costume: SU-EN
Production: Mon no Kai/SU-EN Butoh Company

Duration: about 55 min (a shorter version can be performed if the evening is shared)

Premiered at K.R.O.P.P Extended January 2019.

Where is the border of my body and where does the world begin?
The performance takes inspiration in Mari Anari’s strong ceramics art objects; looking like bodies or organisms.  We feel like we are both inside or outside of the skin.

In the Flesh is a pink performance, with shades of blue and vomit green, similar to the colour that our intestines might have. The pink space is also a flirt with the young girl’s room. A dream in pink. The innocent girl’s body seen clearly in the 20th century German artist Hans Bellmer’s work. The ceramics have soft, shiny pink surface, like fresh meat.

The music is a re-mix of Fabrics Bony’s remarkable stone music. The tone is an ancient one. The human voice is part of the soundtrack, live by SU-EN.

The choreography thrives from the tension between the art objects and the dancer’s body. Also the discipline of both crafts crates a deep connection.

Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, City of Uppsala – Cultural Affairs Board, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee