2000 and 2001

Watch on Vimeo (2001)

Project at The Svedberg Laboratory, Uppsala University
Concept and choreography: SU-EN
Music: Graham E Lewis
Video and computer art: Rickard Sporrong
Dance: workshop participants

In December 2000 the first event took place in the Blue Hall, a smaller room for specific research on particles. In November 2001 the second event took place in the Celsius ring – the big accelerator.

Audiences were guided around the facilities in groups of 20 people and entered the performance space for 20 minutes.

The performance event contained dance by SU-EN Butoh workshop project, original sound score and live mixing and interactive
computer/video art. Each event lasted for approximately 4 hours and was therefore an experiment in itself. Approximately 250 people each year visited The Svedberg Laboratory.

Supported by: Dance in Uppland, Uppsala Region, Cultural Affairs Board and City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board

Photo: Gunnar H Stening
© SU-EN Butoh Company