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All images © SU-EN Butoh Company 2006

This film is a glamourous praise to the recycling process and the cycle of life. It takes place at a scrapyard. Reflections in the metal dance around and tell us that there is a second life ahead for the hard bent material.

Absurd, full of subtle humour and beautiful images from the scrapyard, we see the workers and the dancers co-starring in this Scrap cabaret. Small scrap babies are born, getting older and later reach full bloom as scrap queens.

The music is composed from sounds recorded at the scrapyard.

Duration 8:30 min

Idea and choreography: SU-EN
Idea and coordination of trucks: Robert Alm
Camera: Rickard Sporrong
Post production: Rickard Sporrong/Rrong Production
Music: Lee Berwick/Digidub
Costume and hair: SU-EN and the dancers
Dance: SU-EN with Caroline Lundblad, Anna Bralkowska, Lina Palmgren, Iryna Anufryieva, Varunée Lundström

Workers and drivers from Skrotcentralen: Matte Melin, Peter Lidin, Roger Karlsson, Georgios Kehagias, Kjell Sköld and Robert Alm

A co-production with SVERIGES TELEVISION /Documentary and short film. Supported by The Arts Grants Committee, National Council for Cultural Affairs and Uppsala City Cultural Council

– Thanks to –
Silvestar Trevizan, Patrik Sporrong, the Alm family,
and all the workers at Skrotcentralen

Remember to recycle your garbage, you too!
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