Press release
– love on the other side

a head that is looking for a body
a body that is looking for a head
love which is looking for pain
pain which is looking for love
this is the land in between, the Bardo
this is the space where the bones are
exposed to
self-cannibalism and beauty at the same
where the biting into the flesh
is an act of love
an act of life

Production by SU-EN Butoh Company with support from Uppsala City Cultural Council and Uppsala County Cultural Council

Choreography and dance
Interactive soundscape
Lee Berwick / DIGI DUB (UK)
Space and costume
SU-EN and Svante Wärnsberg

Performed 2001 in Pula/Croatia, London, Belfast – 2002 in Göteborg, Malmö, Stockholm and San Francisco

Thanks to PUF festival, Gunnar Stening, Jens Carlsson, Rrong Production, and Dr John Kitching

» Press images

Photography © Gunnar Stening
and SU-EN Butoh Company

SU-EN is a dancer, choreographer and Butoh artist from Sweden. She is the head of SU-EN Butoh Company which operates in different constellations. SU-EN was a disciple of Tomoe Shizune and Yoko Ashikawa of the Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo group in Japan for 5 years. SU-EN holds a nattori licence in Jiuta-mai (traditional Japanese dance) as well as a wide experience in various Japanese body methods. With roots in the Butoh work and influence from collaborations with performance and action artists, SU-EN is developing a body research method and artistic approach.

SU-EN Butoh Company tours extensively in Sweden and internationally, doing performances, lectures and workshops. The work has been presented in Czech republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Canada, USA, Japan, Argentina, Belarus, Russia, UK and all Scandinavia. The company operates from Haglund Skola located in the forest north of Stockholm.

Lee Berwick emerged from the South London underground Dub and Industrial music scene and since 1989 has run the recording studio and record company Digi Dub. Among many CDs released are: Five years of -, Golems of – and Scrap bodies which is composed exclusively from samples recorded at the scrapyard in Uppsala.

Berwick’s work is a re-smelting, re-working and re-cycling of the sound that surrounds us. Berwick is currently working on a site-specific audio art project, drawing inspiration from the river Thames and has produced the video film Yatra. Has worked regularly with SU-EN since1994. For more information on DIGI DUB »