– a journey to the source

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A performance project 2000-2001
Fylkingen, Stockholm

The living body, measuring the river, returning to the source, against the current, in the turbulence, chopped bodies float around, dream monsters appear. It is a passage to the other side. The river is alive.

The sounds for the music have all been recorded from the river Thames, during a walk that Lee Berwick made to the source. The name ”Thames” means Dark. The hindi word YATRA is a term for the spiritual journeys made by Sadhus often to the source of the Ganges.

Dance: Tina Willgren, Line Berg, Alexandra Kronqvist, Anna Nilsson, Eugenio Brodbeck Neto, Sanja Tomsic, Eva Wiggström, Justin Collins and Helena Lambert

Concept and choreography: SU-EN
Concept and soundtrack: Lee Berwick / DIGIDUB (UK)
Costume: SU-EN and the ensemble
Spatial intervention: Gunnar Stening
Light design: Jens Carlsson

Duration: 90 min

Participants in the YATRA performance have been taking part in the year training program and come from various backgrounds. The training program is offered as a serious experience of the Butoh process with focus on the performing aspect.

Photo: Martin Fromell and SBCO
© SU-EN Butoh Company