Photo: Lina Palmgren
© SU-EN Butoh Company


March 8, 2009
Scen Studio 4, Stockholm

Solo examination project
by SU-EN for Anna Bralkowska/TO-EN Butoh Company

White – the fading shade of innocence. Reflections of simplicity, absence of colour. White-noise tensing up the space, limbs that are prepared by madness. White lies, eye balls and white sea that mirrors the infinity. Deformed nothingness and everything.


The examination ceremony was led by SU-EN and
writer Gilles Kennedy.

This solo Butoh project is the dancer’s final examination after completing the studies as an apprentice with SU-EN and SU-EN Butoh Company. The dancer receives a name and in this way the lineage is established. The lineage from SU-EN’s body and work is a link from the
work and body of Yoko Ashikawa and the Tomoe Shizune
& Hakutobo group.

Through this examination event, the dancer has SU-EN’s support to develop her own work and to teach Butoh using the SU-EN Butoh method as a starting point and base.

Butoh choreography and artistic overview for TO-EN by SU-EN
Dance: Anna Bralkowska/TO-EN
Music: Tomasz Szwelas Szwelnik (Poland)
Light design and light objects: Chrisander Brun (Norway)
Production: Mon no Kai/TO-EN Butoh Company

Assistants to SU-EN and TO-EN: Lina Palmgren, Frida Larsson, Irina Anufrieva and Marie Gavois
Duration: ca 50 min

Photo for poster: Gunnar Stening/Stening Studio

Thanks to: Dansens Hus, Polska Institutet, Mona Terenius, Silvio Trevizan, Mikael Tham, family Dahlqvist, DI, Pixel