Photo: Anders Rönnlund, SU-EN/Hans Wärnsberg
© SU-EN Butoh Company


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Desiring the world
She never has enough
Devouring the world
She must have a taste
Devoured by the world
Who eats whom?
Becoming the hunger
Her body is the world


Choreography: SU-EN
Music: Lise-Lotte Norelius
Light design: Ulrich Ruchlinski
Voice composition: SU-EN
Costume and space: SU-EN
Images for projection: SU-EN and Rickard Sporrong
Choreography assistant: KAI-EN
Dance: SU-EN with KAI-EN, Madeleine Holmlund, Heiko Klandt, Gabriel Bohm Calles, Marlen Sunna
In 2017 version: with Brenda Cedillo Perez, Monica Flores Renteria, Jessica Medrano Gomez

Costume and scenography is constructed by the ensemble.
The project images in the performance are taken from the art video Voracious, where the mini pig Laban participates.

Poster layout and press photos: Gunnar H Stening
Duration: c. 65 minutes
Supported by: City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board, Swedish Arts Council, Film i Uppland/Kultur & Bildning and Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Performed at: Dansens Hus, Stockholm, 2015, 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg, 2016, Dansstationen, Malmo, 2017

Voracious embodies physical realities such as hunger, desire, thirst and despair. Through these instincts the body has a direct relationship to the world.
The piece smells of earth. Screams of hunger. But is also an act of love, in which the body wants to have a taste and eat the world in order to become one with it.
Something must die so that something else can live. A cycle of life and death.

The human voice is central in the piece and exists as its own ”body”. In the recent years, SU-EN started to experiment with a kind of resonance through the voice, similar to the Butoh Body. Hunger has its own voice, screeches, angry screams of despair, a song of sadness, a lullaby. Breath.

”Voracious is dedicated to my mother, Erda Åkerlund, who gave me my first food, and who continues to be the link to reality through the bellycord.”