Metropolitan Pool & Fitness Center

Barc Shelter


Rodriguez Grocery

Passout Records

Photo: Caroline Lundblad, SBCO, Nuria Divi
© SU-EN Butoh Company


Art performance project/CONFLUX 2006

September 15, 2006
5 pm – 9 pm
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
New York, USA

Performance with SU-EN and Nuria Divi. The artists moved around Williamsburg neighbourhood. We knocked on the doors of the people and asked if we could come in to do a short improvisation in their home or workspace.

If they agreed we entered, chose a space and did the performance appr. 3- 5 minutes. If they declined, we said thank you and goodbye. The visits were documented by an assistant, in video mainly and also stills. In the artists talk, the project was presented and discussed using the filmed material. The video and photos will be put together
on a DVD.

We knocked on a lot of doors. In some cases the people said that they had to ask their boss before they could let us in. In the private homes, people sometimes asked if we could come back the following night or later… Nobody was hostile, but rather jolly about it.

We are very grateful for the trust the people showed us when they let us into their space. In some cases we had a short discussion after, in some cases not.

1. Barc Shelter, pet shop. Name of dogs are Chance and Ingrid. The shop keeper’s name is Debbie.

2. Public, hairdresser. Name of dog is Malo, name of hairdresser
is James.

3. In the home of Marina.

4. In the home of Allison and her dog Sigmund.

5. In the home of Tera, aerialist and trapeze artist.

6. In the workshop Coral Marble & Granite LLC (stone fabrication).

7. Duff’s, a heavy metal bar. The bartender’s name is Laurieanne. Iron Maiden and Judas Priest hang out here…

8. Outside the restaurant Monkeytown: Paul and Robert, Ginger, Maranda and Sebastian.

9. Rodriguez Grocery shop. Owners name is Jose.

10. Passout records. Owner and her friends: Peewe, Candice, Chris.

11. Metropolitan Pool and Fitness Center.

Production: SU-EN Butoh Company in collaboration with Conflux 2006
Thanks to Ars Modus

Supported by: City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board,
Swedish Arts Council