Photo: SU-EN
© SU-EN Butoh Company


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Dance installation idea: SU-EN
Art object Rootless: Hiroko Tsuchimoto
Butoh Bodies: Madeleine Holmlund and Heiko Klandt
Music: SU-EN and Rickard Sporrong recorded and live sound with objects and Carina’s stomach
Costume: SU-EN
Helper: Nemat Akbari
Production: Mon no Kai/SU-EN Butoh Company

Duration 4 hours

A Butohdance installation under the floor of the library, East Asian Museum. Like a secret space, the spectators could look down underground as the bodies were breathing and moving. We invited small groups to stay around 10 minutes since it was just a small opening to look down through.

Date: October 15, 2022

Location: under the floor of the library, East Asian Museum, Stockholm

Supported by:  Swedish Arts Council, City of Uppsala – Cultural
Affairs Board
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee