The Chicken Project – Instruction Video

Photo: © Hans T/Patrik Sporrong

Cleaning Dance

Photo: © SU-EN Butoh Company

A Spring Dance

Photo: © SU-EN Butoh Company

Dance with Sheep

Photo: © SU-EN Butoh Company

Clemente Padin

Photo: © Clemente Padin


Spring 2020, the Corona virus blew across the world, making us change our lives. Live performances were on pause. However creativity did not stop. Until we could meet each other live again – we wanted to share some visual and artistic material with others in the frame of The Window Project. Some material was already a few years old, some was new and some were work-in-progress, ideas that we never had time to investigate and some were just for fun.

To look outside. Watching the world through a window. To look to the inside, into the house. Through the window. To look into another person. Through their eyes – like windows.
Movement never stops. Life never ends. Dirt shines. Space cracks. Time laughs.

The Chicken Project – Instruction Video

Chicken instructor: SU-EN
Project director and chicken keeper: Hans T
Chicken assistants: Varunée Lundström, Eva Wiggström
Camera: Rickard Sporrong
Music: Adam Fietz
Post production: Rrong Production
Cover: Pat Slap
Photo: Hans T
Supported by Konstnärsnämnden/Swedish Arts Grants Committee

© SU-EN Butoh Company and Rrong Production 2004

Cleaning Dance
a dance response to ccap and Cristina Caprioli’s gifts

SU-EN Butoh Company received two letters from Sweden based dance company ccap and choreographer Cristina Caprioli in spring 2020.

Inside one was a lemon soap
Inside one was a Wettex towel
And there were some texts
This is my response


A Spring Dance
Filmed and danced around SU-EN Butoh Company Center, Haglund Skola area, Almunge, Sweden
May 3, 2020

With: Madeleine Holmlund and Heiko Klandt
Concept, camera and edit: SU-EN
Music: Birds, wind, tractors and cars

The video is 5:30 min long

Dance with Sheep
Filmed and danced at Hagby Gård, Almunge, Sweden
May 7, 2020

Dance, choreographic relation with sheep and edit: SU-EN
Music: Sheep, lambs, birds, wind, hawk, motor saw
Behind the camera: Silvio Trevizan
Thanks to Hagby Gård

The video is 7 min

As a response to our Window Project our dear friend Clemente Padin in Uruguay sent this video.
For sure many of us miss the intimate and physical sensation of hugging a friend, a family member or a stranger.

The video is 4:30 minutes long.

With: Clemente Padin, Uruguay
Title of performance: Option
Date: April 13, 2016
Location: ”Bread and Poetry”, Buenos Aires, Argentina