The Chicken Project – Instruction Video

Photo: © Hans T/Patrik Sporrong

Cleaning Dance

Photo: © SU-EN Butoh Company

A Spring Dance

Photo: © SU-EN Butoh Company

Dance with Sheep

Photo: © SU-EN Butoh Company

Clemente Padin

Photo: © Clemente Padin

Action with Leaves and Light

Photo: © SU-EN Butoh Company


Photo: Pawel Maciak


Photo: Cecilia Nygren


Photo: Ingrid Hu

Human Breath

Photo: © SU-EN Butoh Company

Open call for photos of windows and views

Photo: © SU-EN Butoh Company

Peter Rosvik

Photo: David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo

The Window Art Exhibition

Monique, Hong Kong

The Visiting Project Hållnäs peninsula 2021

Photo: Åsa Norling

High Voltage

Photo: KeiBi

A homeless BODY

Photo: Peter Rosvik

Va-Bene: I am here

Photo: Niya B

30 year celebration

Photo: Benjamin Åkerlund

A rootless BODY

Photo: Leif-en


Spring 2020, the Corona virus blew across the world, making us change our lives. Live performances were on pause. However creativity did not stop. Until we could meet each other live again – we wanted to share some visual and artistic material with others in the frame of The Window Project. Some material was already a few years old, some was new and some were work-in-progress, ideas that we never had time to investigate and some were just for fun.

Summer 2021, live performances are gracefully starting up again!
SU-EN Butoh Company will keep presenting projects through The Window Project to share our creative vision alongside live events.

To look outside. Watching the world through a window. To look to the inside, into the house. Through the window. To look into another person. Through their eyes – like windows.
Movement never stops. Life never ends. Dirt shines. Space cracks. Time laughs.

The Window Project 1 – 2020

The Chicken Project – Instruction Video

Chicken instructor: SU-EN
Project director and chicken keeper: Hans T
Chicken assistants: Varunée Lundström, Eva Wiggström
Camera: Rickard Sporrong
Music: Adam Fietz
Post production: Rrong Production
Cover: Pat Slap
Photo: Hans T
Supported by Konstnärsnämnden/Swedish Arts Grants Committee

© SU-EN Butoh Company and Rrong Production 2004

The Window Project 2 – 2020

Cleaning Dance
a dance response to ccap and Cristina Caprioli’s gifts

SU-EN Butoh Company received two letters from Sweden based dance company ccap and choreographer Cristina Caprioli in spring 2020.

Inside one was a lemon soap
Inside one was a Wettex towel
And there were some texts
This is my response


The Window Project 3 – 2020

A Spring Dance
Filmed and danced around SU-EN Butoh Company Center, Haglund Skola area, Almunge, Sweden
May 3, 2020

With: Madeleine Holmlund and Heiko Klandt
Concept, camera and edit: SU-EN
Music: Birds, wind, tractors and cars

The video is 5:30 min long

The Window Project 4 – 2020

Dance with Sheep
Filmed and danced at Hagby Gård, Almunge, Sweden
May 7, 2020

Dance, choreographic relation with sheep and edit: SU-EN
Music: Sheep, lambs, birds, wind, hawk, motor saw
Behind the camera: Silvio Trevizan
Thanks to Hagby Gård

The video is 7 min

The Window Project 5 – 2020

As a response to our Window Project our dear friend Clemente Padin in Uruguay sent this video.
For sure many of us miss the intimate and physical sensation of hugging a friend, a family member or a stranger.

The video is 4:30 minutes long.

With: Clemente Padin, Uruguay
Title of performance: Option
Date: April 13, 2016
Location: ”Bread and Poetry”, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Window Project 6 – 2020

The autumn has been magical here at Haglund Skola. The leaves are so yellow and slowly fall down in a beautiful dance. We made two dance – and action videos this October and present them here.

Action with Leaves and Light, 5:45 min

Dance with Leaves, 8:14 min

The Window Project 7 – 2020

SU-EN Butoh Company have been training dancers in the Ashikawa-SU-EN lineage since 1995.
The training takes 5 years to master. Until now two dancers have completed the process. Please take a moment to get acquainted with their work!

The videos are 7 min and 8 min long.

TO-EN, ”BLACKNESS – sequence II”. Excerpt from a performance.

KAI-EN, Excerpts from various performances.
Celebrating 10 years of activities this year!

TO-EN Butoh Company founded 2009 based in Gdansk, Poland.

KAI-EN Butoh Company founded 2010 based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Window Project 8 – 2020

As we are moving towards the darkest day of the year here in northern hemisphere, we wish to share a project that we did in 2018.

In collaboration with artist Ingrid Hu (UK/Taiwan)

In Praise of Darkness
Darkness drinks all the colours
And shapes are visible because they are more dark than the surrounding
Stillness, all is quiet
Darkness clams everything down

Choreography: SU-EN
Light installation: Ingrid Hu
Dance: Madeleine Holmlund and Heiko Klandt
Music: Mikael Stavöstrand (free mix of Illuminence CD)
Production: Mon no Kai/SU-EN Butoh Company
Performed at K.R.O.P.P, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, December 8, 2018

The video edit is 11 minutes long.

The Window Project 1 – 2021

Human Breath

This film came to be through the encounter, exchange and friendship with people at an asylum center in the Uppsala area, spring and summer 2020.

Choreographic outline and concept: SU-EN
Dance: SU-EN and Capi Bass
Presence: Capi Bass, Gambia, Kelly Osas Enogieru, Nigeria,
Tesheme Tekietsion, Eritrea
Behind the camera: SU-EN and Kelly Osas Enogieru
Voice and field recordings: SU-EN
Bells by Tatsuya Nakatani, courtesy of Aki Onda
Edit: SU-EN

The video is 13 minutes long.

© SU-EN Butoh Company/Mon no Kai 2021

The Window Project 2 – 2021

Open call for photos of windows and views for the upcoming
Window Art Project

The Window Project 3 – 2021

The Window Project proudly presents one of Peter Rosvik’s masterpieces….

Performance: Peter Rosvik
FOAD: On the edge of the purgatory while the world slowly dies, 2018
Video: Stein Henningsen

Edit of the performance is 14:30 minutes.

The Window Project 4 – 2021

The Window Art Exhibition

A photo exhibition of windows and views from all over the world. SU-EN Butoh Company asked friends, artists and fellow humans to contribute. Even if we cannot travel these days due to the virus situation, we can still get a taste of the world and someone else’s reality, through a person’s view through their window. The world is a great and exciting place, caught in a moment of our daily life!

Date: Released April 2021
Photos: Adina, Agness, Amit, Andrew, Anne, Anonymous, Azatjan Family, Benedikte, Beth, Boris, Clemente, Emmanuel, Eva, Gina, Gottsunda Dans & Teater, Hans, Heiko, Håvve, Jessica, Joan, Joji,
Justin, Kelly, Kirsten, Lisa, Lise-Lotte, Marie, Marlen, Milos, Monique,
Nikolina, Núria,Ove, Peppe, SkArt team, Rabia, Richard & Rieko, Rosula, Sakiko, Shiroque and Maryam, Silvestra, Sinéad, Tim,
Xjoanne, Yande, Åsa, SU-EN
Idea: SU-EN
Layout on website: Jeanette Nordberg

The Window Project 5 – 2021

The Visiting Project Hållnäs peninsula 2021

With SU-EN and Amit Sen

June 10-11, 2021
10 visits and performances around Hållnäs Peninsula, Northern Uppland
June 12, 2021
public showing and talk, Edvalla

The two artists visit people’s homes and workspaces and make a short improvisation inspired by each place. Each improvisation is followed by a talk with the spectators.

Production: Hållnäs Konstkoloni, Hållnäs Hembygdsförening, SU-EN Butoh Company, Ars & Modus
Video edit: Amit Sen

The video edit is 28 minutes.

© SU-EN och Amit Sen 2021

The Window Project 6 – 2021

High Voltage
5 min video, September 2021

A crash dance and boxing session with SU-EN and Matthias Röhrich, Colombi park, power supply station, Freiburg, Germany

Photo and text, September 2021

Memories from my mother’s childhood town, Schwarzwald, Germany
A very personal visit and photo project

Both projects photo and video: KeiBi

The Window Project 1 – 2022

A homeless BODY

A visual, choreographic and human project.
Spring and summer 2021
Public event August 21

Welcome to Mikaelsparken in Uppsala, Sweden!
In the park, Uppsala Stadsmission has a center for homeless, and socially vulnerable people. During spring and summer 2021 SU-EN Butoh Company and friends spent time here, helping with the garden, engaging in conversations, making spontaneous performances and photo shoot.

The conversations and actions with the people of the park led to a public event which lasted for three hours.

Slide show, 100 photos:
10 min video edit (English text):
36 min video edit (Swedish text):

The Window Project 2 – 2022

Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi

The amazing and courageous artist and artivist Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi[crazinisT artisT] (pronouns: sHit, if not she) and thepIAR center, Ghana.

Due to a proposed bill against LGTB+ in Ghana, Va-Bene and her center is in danger.

Video of Va-Bene performing as a protest on Accra-Kumasi Highway

Read more about the work of Va-Bene and the pIAR studio

Please consider to donate, more info here:

The Window Project 3 – 2022

SU-EN Butoh Company 30 year celebration, Uppsala castle

In 1992 the SU-EN Butoh Company was founded in Tokyo.

The journey after that has been tough, exciting and splendid! On Oct 22, 2022 SU-EN Butoh Company celebrated 30 years of dancing bodies on stage!

This took place in the historical spaces of Uppsala castle, halls and The National Hall. The celebration included several installations,
pre-screening of the film Body and the World, vegetarian buffé and contributions from several guest artists.

Slide show:

The Window Project 1 – 2023

The documentation of: A rootless BODY

A visual, choreographic and human project.
Spring and summer 2022
Public event August 13, 12:00-15:00

Video 41 min ©Katten&Björnen: