Azatjan Family, Russian Federation

Monique, Hong Kong

Agness, Zambia


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A photo exhibition of windows and views from all over the world.
SU-EN Butoh Company asked friends, artists and fellow humans to contribute. Even if we cannot travel these days due to the virus situation, we can still get a taste of the world and someone else’s reality, through a person’s view through their window. The world is a great and exciting place, caught in a moment of our daily life!

Date: Released April 2021

Photos: Adina, Agness, Amit, Andrew, Anne, Anonymous, Azatjan Family, Benedikte, Beth, Boris, Clemente, Emmanuel, Eva, Gina, Gottsunda Dans & Teater, Hans, Heiko, Håvve, Jessica, Joan, Joji,
Justin, Kelly, Kirsten, Lisa, Lise-Lotte, Marie, Marlen, Milos, Monique, Nikolina, Núria, Ove, Peppe, SkArt team, Rabia, Richard & Rieko, Rosula, Sakiko, Shiroque and Maryam, Silvestra, Sinéad, Tim,
Xjoanne, Yande, Åsa, SU-EN

Idea: SU-EN
Layout on website: Jeanette Nordberg
Production: Mon no Kai

Thanks to: All the people who sent us a photo of their view

Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board