Photo: Antti, Ignatio, Anders Rönnlund, Onosuka, Boaz
© SU-EN Butoh Company


Concept, dance and voice: SU-EN/SU-EN Butoh Company (Sweden)
Duration: can last 30 min to 3 hours

Being inspired by the stones, their shapes, their various placements in nature and urban settings, a new relationship is aimed for between the art action of the dancer and the life of the stone. A new landscape is formed, a Life and Art Garden.

”I go for walks in the forest around my house every day. There are lots of stones in the forest, hard grey granite. One day during the walk, I heard the stones speaking to me. So I decided to start a relationship with the stone, a dialogue between bodies.”

Versions have been performed at:
Taidehalle, Helsinki, 2013
Noguchi Room, Tokyo, 2013
ZAZ festival, Israel, 2014
The Stone Project, Uppsala, 2016
Art Workshop Lazareti, Dubrovnik, 2017

Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee