Photo: Gunnar H Stening
© SU-EN Butoh Company


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Premiered September 27, 2008 at ZebraDans, Stockholm and performed for 2 weeks. Available for touring from 2009-2011 or longer.

When the chicken keeper has closed the door of the chicken house, he thinks that the chicks go to sleep…. but they don’t… instead they perform a cabaret!

The chicken cackle away in a nocturnal cabaret in the chicken house. In a beaky kind of way the chicks show off their most groovy looks and live out their secret show dance dreams.

Chicki Lina, Beaky Frida, Scratch Ira, Anna Longfeather, Cackel Marie and Fluffy Su dance and sing away in frenzy to the sounds of mambo, chanson and hip-hop.

In a humorous and sparkling way, the performance aims at researching into the relationship between human, animals and nature. The piece is a glamorous continuation of The Chicken Project, created by SU-EN Butoh Company, from 2003. Sprätt Chicken Cabaret is a family performance suitable for children from 4 years and up.
Sprätt Hönskabaret – The Story i bilder och text! (In Swedish)


Choreography and concept: SU-EN

Music: Jens Carlsson

The Dancing Chicks: Anna Bralkowska, Lina Palmgren, Frida Larsson, Ira Anufrieva, Marie Gavois
Compere: SU-EN

Chicken keeper and light design: Lasse Liljegren
Chicken house construction: Silvio Trevizan
Costume, hair, make-up: SU-EN
Hats: Viola Germain
Construction of scenography and costume: the ensemble
Photo and layout: Gunnar Stening

Production: ZebraDans and Mon no Kai
Supported by:
Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs