Photo: Calle Holck
© SU-EN Butoh Company
© SU-EN Butoh Company


January 24-30, 2006
Österlen, south of Sweden

Choreographer/performer SU-EN and composer/musician Amit Sen (cello) worked on this project together as part of the Ars Modus project in Hammenhög, Skåne.

The basic concept is to visit peoples houses or workplaces. Some were informed before, some not. We just knocked on the doors and asked if we could do a short improvisation in their house. Performances took place in the bathroom, the living room, the children’s room, during the coffee break or dinner and varied in length between 7-15 minutes. Short informal talks rounded off our visit before we continued down the road.

To our delightful surprise, a lot of people let us in!


Tuesday January 24
11.25 Sturup Airport 12 minute performance on arrival
12.35 corridor at school, Österportsgymnasiet in Ystad, at the entrance
13.55 lobby of Art museum in Ystad
15.15 Per Helsa, youth center in Ystad
19.00 in the home of Celestin, Jasmin and Olof. Nursery performance.
19.50 in the living room of unknown local family who had guests

Wednesday January 25
12.45 window of gallery Kulturum
14.00 car shop Peugeot
14.50 old peoples care center
18.00 in the home of Carsten and Linda + 2 year old son
18.25 in the home of Gunvar and Ulla
19.00 in the work space/home of Monica and Hada, hairdressing salon

Thursday January 26
11.45 children day care center Ragnar Pers
12.20 food shop, ICA, Gärsnäs
13.10 tire shop, Österlenvulk, Gärsnäs
13.40 art school, Österlenskolan, Simrishamn
18.40 in the home of family Neuhaussen-Wiesengren
19.00 in the home of Micke, Cecilia + children and their dog

Friday January 27
Daytime editing 23 minute video
19.30 Video showing and open discussion about the project
Ars Modus headquarter in Hammenhög
Sushi dinner and party

Supported by: The Foundation for the Culture of the Future

Ars & Modus
Kapellgatan 7
tel 0414 440550

Modus Mobile Project 2007- Unexpected statistics!
Uppsala February 3-6, 2007

This project was done in Uppsala city and near countryside. Areas of the city were chosen from certain information found in research such as: ethnic mixture, level of income, other interesting facts.

Presentation and discussion was held at Uppsala City Library, February 2

Total amount of door knockings: 147
Total amount of opened doors: 70
Total amount of refusals: 54
Total amount of improvisations: 16

Idea och realization: Amit Sen, cello and SU-EN, dance
Documentation assistants: Lina Palmgren, Anna Bralkowska,
Caroline Lundblad
Project chef: Silvestar Trevizan

Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, The Foundation for
the Culture of the Future

Saturday 3, 2007
Number of door knockings: 45
Number of refusals: 21
Number of improvisations: 7

Vårdsätra – Mats and Birgitta Olsson, appr. 11:45 am
Gottsunda – Grönsakshuset, greengrocery, appr. 12:15 am
Fathia Alkhatib and wedding party, appr. 12:40 am
Farziya Kalahama + daughter Sava Taha, appr. 1:00 pm
Uppsala Akademistall
Upplands-Västmanlands Fältrittklubb, appr. 2:30 pm
Stenhagen – Jan-Erik Wahlund and Michiko Morooka + 1 neighbour, appr. 3:20 pm – Örnolfur Torvaldsson, daughter Gudrun Örnolfurdottir, appr. 3:45 pm
Uppsala Castle

Sunday 4, 2007
Number of knockings: 58
Number of refusals: 28
Number of improvisations: 6

Studentstaden – Maritza Borgström and Axel Danielsson, the dog Kelly, appr. 12:55 am – Lian Gerg Haipeng Lin, appr. 12:45 am (China)
Luthagen – Johan Broström, appr. 1:10 pm – Sanna and Johan Hedman, appr. 1:25 pm – Birgit Jansson, appr. 1:55 pm
Årsta – Årsta Video, Abba (poet, Kurd from Iran), appr. 2:45 pm
District around Funbo – Urban Söderlund’s workshop, appr. 4:20 pm

Monday 5, 2007
Number of knockings: 44
Number of refusals: 5
Number of improvisations: 3

With us on the tour: Lukas from SR Uppland and Ulf Johansson from TV Uppland

Nåntuna – Hans, working with sound, film and biotechnology, appr. 12:45 am
Gamla Uppsala Buss, staff center, appr. 2:20 pm
Fluffabriken, dog hair dresser, Fålhagen
Emmelie Johansson + the dog Gandalf
Angelika Moberg + the dog Pelle

Modus Mobile © SU-EN and Amit Sen 2006-2007