Photo: Gunnar H Stening
© SU-EN Butoh Company

– matter out of place

Matter in place
Body and parts
Born and forgotten, separating and purifying
So far ut and too far in
Body disorganised, defiled
Body parts misplaced
Somewhere out there
In the margins
Turning it all inside out, the contradiction gives the possibility
Matter out of place

Choreography: SU-EN
Dance: Line Berg, Tina Willgren, Eugenio Neto Brodbeck, Maya Hald,
Emma Lindgren, Claudia Wittmann, Öjvind Diderichsen
Music: Lee Berwick
Light design: Jens Carlsson
Space design and stage art: Gunnar H Stening
Costume design: SU-EN
Production: Mon no Kai/SU-EN Butoh Company
Photo/montage: Gunnar H Stening
Duration: ca 60 min

Supported by:  Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board

Performed at Butoh Breeze, Fylkingen May 10–12, 2002