Photo: Gunnar H Stening
© SU-EN Butoh Company

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The piece is a song of praise of nature, life in all its forms and a ritual to celebrate the explosion of life in the spring.

Dancers, musicians, children, older people, flower artist and animals together create a woven image of organic life, the universe of Carl von Linné, Sweden’s famous scientist who in 2007 was celebrated all over Europe in commemoration of his birth 300 years ago. The texts of this remarkable scientist tie the piece together, which is inspired by Japanese performing aesthetics and ritual.
Linné 2007 Uppsala was a collaboration project between the Uppsala University, the Municipality of Uppsala, the Swedish Agricultural University, the County Administrative Board of Uppsala, the Swedish Linné Society, and was a part of the national jubilee celebrations.
Artistic director, choreography and staging: SU-EN
Floral installation: Junichi Kakizaki (Japan)
Costume design: Viola Germain
Texts: Carl von Linné
Assistants to SU-EN: Caroline Lundblad, Anna Bralkowska, Lina Palmgren, Frida Larsson, Irina Anufrieva
Hair and hats: SU-EN & assistants
Light, sound and stage: Scenteknik

Annika Eliasson Frick, soprano and narrative
Gunnar Linder, shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute)
String ensemble from the Uppsala Chamber Orchestra

SU-EN, soloist as The Old Life
Mira Elvander Lewis (11 years old), soloist as The New Life
SU-EN Butoh Company + Performance project, 8 dancers
6-year-old children from Vaksalaskolan in Uppsala, 20 children
Senior participants, 18 people
Animals from various farms and pets from the neighbourhood
Floral students from Ekebyskolan

Music by: Tjajkovskij, Grieg, Bellman, Taube, traditional Japanese music, Hahn, Lindgren/Riedel and others
In collaboration with Musik i Uppland.

Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation, Interflora in Uppsala, Holmen Skog, City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board. Organized by City of Uppsala, Cultural
Affairs Office.
Many helpers, friends and volunteers helped to sew and make this event happen!