Photo: SU-EN and Anders Rönnlund
© SU-EN Butoh Company


Collaboration project by choreographer SU-EN and visual artist Anders Rönnlund. For 5 years we have slowly merged our worlds together, through moving images, processing them and letting them become the space for a live interaction.

We showed a first draft at Fylkingen 75-year anniversary festival, Stockholm, Sweden on November 23, 2008. It was a Moderna Dansteatern c/o project. Second draft was showed at Dancing Edge at Reginateatern, Uppsala on November 29.

Visual installation: Anders Rönnlund
Choreographic concept: SU-EN
Moving bodies: SU-EN, Frida Larsson, Irina Anufrieva

Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts
Grants Committee