© SU-EN Butoh Company


Improvisation performance by Swedish Butoh artist SU-EN and NY based singer Nuria Divi. Performed at CAVE, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, Friday September 15, 2006.

Silence, fragile, full of sounds, interrupted
Silence, full of surprises, of misunderstandings, of rapture
Silence, before the storm, during the war
Silence, on the edge of nothingness, of truthfulness

Two artists meet to investigate the theme of silence through body and breath. The bodies convey the resonance of sound and silence, leading to tension, form and movement. In this way, sound and silence are the same. Same but different.


This is a work-in-progress and will develop in the US in 2006 and later on in Europe. Duration approximately 35 minutes.

Dance: SU-EN
Voice: Nuria Divi
Costume: SU-EN
Assistant: Caroline Lundblad

Production: SU-EN Butoh Company, CAVE organization