Photo: Joji Okamoto
© Junichi Kakizaki and SU-EN Butoh Company

IKI – karma

August 25, 2018

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This site-specific performance including dance, flower art, flower action and a blessing by the main priest, took place in the temple Hasedera at the outskirts of Nagano city. Over 200 people came in the heat, about 40 degrees Celsius.

Concept and idea: Junichi Kakizaki
Choreography and dance: SU-EN
Flower art: Junichi Kakizaki
Special appearance: Keicho Okazawa, main priest of Hasedera
Dance: Richard Hart
Assistant to Kakizaki: Takehiko Sato
Photographer: Joji Okamoto
Videographer: Ayako Mino
Design of poster: Takashi Nagata
Project assistant: Rieko Miyagawa
Production: Mon no Kai/SU-EN Butoh Company
Duration: 65 minutes

Supported by:
  Swedish Arts Council, City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Swedish Embassy