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A visual, choreographic and human project.
Spring and summer open art event 2023
Public event August 19

Welcome to Mikaelsparken in Uppsala!
In the park, Uppsala Stadsmission has a center for homeless, and socially vulnerable people. This was the third year to do a project at Mikael park.

During spring and summer 2021, 2022 and 2023 SU-EN Butoh Company and friends have spent time here, helping with the garden. We engage in conversations, make spontaneous performances and photo shoots.

To live a timeless or timeful life…to be in an endless flow of moments…to be caught by time and at the same time, free and on the way…towards another time.

Since the Mikael church was renovated we moved the public event to another part of the park. Also the park guests found new spots to hang out.

Artistic direction: SU-EN

Anna Westberg, dance, Stockholm
Johannes Bergmark, Instrument builder and improvisation music, Stockholm
SU-EN Butoh Company, butoh and art actions Almunge
Amit Sen, art and music, Hammenhög
Eva Högberg, poetry and installations, Uppsala
Vera Westberg, weaving and performance installation, Stockholm
New friends from the park

Hans Wärnsberg, Azda Reinhammar, Noah, Farah

Thanks to:
ICA Nära Krysset, Almunge, Erda Åkerlund

Special thanks to: Uppsala Stadsmission/Mikaelsgården
Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board

Jeanette Nordberg, Anna Westberg, Heiko Klandt, Mohammed Sharif Abdi, SU-EN
© SU-EN Butoh Company