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A visual, choreographic and human project.
Spring and summer 2021
Public event August 21

Welcome to Mikaelsparken in Uppsala!

In the park, Uppsala Stadsmission has a center for homeless, and socially vulnerable people. During spring and summer 2021 SU-EN Butoh Company has spent time here, helping with the garden, engaging in conversations, making spontaneous performances and photo shoot.

The conversations and actions with the people of the park led to a public event which lasted for three hours. The idea was to make a ”weave” in which all the people could have a place. The physical reality of being homeless was interwoven with the physical reality in the park as well as into the choreography itself. Through this weave we aimed to see if we could create a paradise on earth, a place in which we all are welcome!

To be homeless, to move, to change. What does it mean to be a human?
Can contemporary art give any inspiration to the people of the park? Can we ”help” each other?

SU-EN Butoh Company/KAI-EN, Madeleine Holmlund, Heiko Klandt and SU-EN, butoh and actions
Peppe Rosvik, art performance
Räserbyrån/Katarina Eriksson and Per Sacklén, dance
Amit Sen, cello and conversations
Eva Björkman, art performance
Stina Ehn/Molly Engblom, dance
Johannes Bergmark, musical saw and organ
Choir Munviga conducted by Gina van Dam, voice and actions
Stage art group/Miguel, Mehdi and Meme
And spontaneous actions by new friends that we know from the park…

Artistic direction: SU-EN

Project leader: Peter Rosvik

Staff: Azda Reinhammar, Robert Berglund, Hans Wärnsberg, Björn Fredlund, Stina Karltun, Jeanette Nordberg, Benjamin Åkerlund

Security guards from Safetly

Photo and video documentation: Gabriel Gumucio, Thomas Chauvin, Peter Rosvik, Benjamin Åkerlund and others

Video and sound editing: Peter Rosvik

Additional music segments,
courtesy of 
Lise-Lotte Norelius, SU-EN

Supported by: City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board, Culture and Eduction, Region Uppsala and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Thanks to: Uppsala Stadsmission/Mikaelsgården, Joy’s, Center Stage, Dreamcenter

Thomas Chauvin, Peter Rosvik, Benjamin Åkerlund, SU-EN, Heiko Klandt
© SU-EN Butoh Company