Photo: Gunnar H Stening
© SU-EN Butoh Company


Performed in public space, part of Friction International Performance Art Festival 2014

Concept and idea: SU-EN

The performance deals with grief and anger, using the female body, voice and stones to cry for the pain in the world. The world is full of war – maybe the most evil thing that mankind can do. In war, more children than soldiers die. Inspiration is the courage of the ”Mothers in black” that have protested in public spaces to the politicians after their sons have been arrested, kidnapped or killed by authority. The bodies of the 16 women in the performance, with various ages and backgrounds, provide a kind of resistance. They are vulnerable and strong at the same time. Can a body be a vessel for all the pain in
the world?

Gina van Dam
Lady choir Munviga

Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee