– Human, Bird, or in between

… a very animal friendly body research art project

This event presented a Chicken house where humans live as chickens.

For 3 days 10 participants were instructed in the basic SU-EN chicken technique to prepare for the new life as chickens.

The audience could visit during the ongoing event and join in the reflections upon the existence and life of human beings and animals.

The project also included a video shot at Küller’s bird farm, in which SU-EN lives with real chickens.

The animal rights organization Djurens rätt took part in the event with information.

Performances: Dansstationen, Malmö, 2003 – Kulturhuset,
Stockholm, 2004

Concept and instruction: SU-EN
Project assistants and chicken keepers: Hans T,
Eva C Björkman
Video: SU-EN and Rickard Sporrong/Rrong production
Chicken house construction: Silvio Trevizan
Project technician: Daniel Bexell

Production: SU-EN Butoh Company / Mon no Kai with support from the Swedish Arts Council

Thanks to the family Küller and all the birds at their farm!

Photo: B.C. Rrong
© SU-EN Butoh Company