Photo: Eva Björkman
Manipulation of flyers photo: Gunnar H Stening
© SU-EN Butoh Company


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September 27-29, 2017
Dance Museum, Stockholm
During the days 26-29 the Dance Museum also showed video works by SU-EN Butoh Company and the installation Body Mound by Eva Björkman.

Choreography: SU-EN
Art object: Eva Björkman
Music composition: Ryoko Akama (Japan/UK)
Participants: SU-EN Butoh Company/Brenda Cedillo Perez, Monica Flores Renteria, Jessica Medrano Gomez
Technician: Hans Wärnsberg
Duration: ca 50 min
Production: SU-EN Butoh Company/Mon no Kai

The piece Body Garden is both a dance performance and a process art work. The space is defined by body parts made by plaster. The body interacts with these body parts and suddenly there is an extra body part on the dancer’s body. The space turns into a body garden.

A first version of this piece was performed at K.R.O.P.P Extended Dance festival at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress in 2015.

Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Board, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region Uppsala/Dance residency support