© SU-EN Butoh Company and the guest artists


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Choreography: SU-EN
Music: SYSTEMA (The Beak Boys)
Dance: SU-EN workshop project
Guest performer: Hans T Sternudd
Guest musician: Johannes Bergmark
Film projections: Eva Sjuve
Light design: Lennart Kellstaf/SU-EN
Sound: Lars Johansson
Costume: SU-EN
Body art object: Petra Mandal
Production: Mon no Kai/SU-EN Butoh Company

Duration 50 minutes + intro action outdoors

Beaky and ready to claw! Fluffy and cackling away!
From above be aware of this winged attack on the humans monopol of heaven and earth!

Dates: October 3 and 4, 1997

Venue: SCENEN, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

Supported by:  The contributing artists, SCENEN