Photo: Martin Fromell
© SU-EN Butoh Company


– a radiant celebration

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Choreography / Dance: SU-EN (S)
Music: Edvard Graham Lewis (UK)
Light / Spatial concept: Svante Wärnsberg (S)
Spatial concept / Costume: SU-EN
Dramaturgy: Tanja Zgonc (SLO)

Duration: 60 min

Production: Mon no Kai / SU-EN Butoh Company
Supported by: City of Uppsala, Cultural Affairs Office, ULM, Dans i Uppland, ULB
Thanks to The Svedberg Laboratory, Skrotcentralen i Uppsala AB

Sound operator / Stage manager: Frans Olsson
Poster design: KLart & design
Press photos: Martin Fromell

Premiered October 1999

Performed at Skandiascenen, Uppsala – Pusterviksteatern, Göteborg – Dansstationen, Malmö – Blå Lådan / Dansens Hus, Stockholm – Vancouver Dance Festival – Seattle Butoh Festival

Atomic concept

In this collaboration piece Atomic from 1999 the theme is the atom and beyond; the smallest particles to be known and the force that is dwelling in this nothingness. Radioactivity is one of these forces. It cannot really be seen, but the effects of radiation is something that no living creature will escape. These forces can be used for creative purposes for mankind and the planet but is more often used for destruction. In this atomic era all human beings share the responsibility and must face the problem.

Atomic explores through body, mind and senses these smallest particles. The new physics of today opens up a whole new way of thinking. We might need to deconstruct our way of thinking, of moving, of understanding to keep up with the new theories. The new art of today is also exploding into research of unknown territories. Not only pleasant themes are chosen. Art is not about beauty anymore – art is a desperate action, aiming to go further into the essence of life.

Atomic introduces sound artist Edvard Graham Lewis (UK), founding member of the music and art group Wire and Dome, as a co-creator. Recordings of sound from the The Svedberg Laboratory and the cyclotron has been used as a major source for the soundtrack.