Even if Corona storm is not over, we now prepare outdoor events and alternative ways for presenting SU-EN Butoh Company’s production.
Please see our current Action plan below and some comments in yellow if still not sure that we can go through with the event.

Thank you all for a wonderful Scrap Love!

In the rain it was quite a magical experience with the cranes, the scrap metal piles, the dance choreography, the metal costumes and the performances of guest artists.

In the program of Uppsala Culture night starting September 12 (, and throughout the autumn, we are showing a 21 min edit of the live performance Scrap Love.

Please watch it at:
or (from September 12 at 10:00)

Photo: Susanne Aldén

SU-EN Butoh Company Action plan and Activities 2020

5-12, Rapture, video screening. Choreography SU-EN. Music Aki Onda. Stage art Junichi Kakizaki. Light design Johan Söderberg. Duration 70 min.
Body and the World, SU-EN lecture, Butohpolis Festival, Warsaw. Duration 51 min.

More info:

19-20, Body and the World, SU-EN video showing and lecture online. Duration 45 min.
Conference Art what is it good for, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden
More info:—what-is-it-good-for/

27-29, performance project Scrap Love

29, Live performance! Scrap Love – art and body event
Skrotcentralen i Uppsala AB
Starting time: 20:00
SU-EN Butoh Company, scrap yard workers and guest artists in a cross-disciplin art event.
Will also be shown online from September 12 starting on Uppsala Culture Night September 12.

Photo: SBCO

24, SHARP, Evening with Swedish female choreographers: Cristina Caprioli, Helena Franzén and SU-EN. Curated by SU-EN. International Theater festival, Theater X, Tokyo.
30 – Oct 3, SU-EN art performance. Crossing Border festival, Hong Kong

Waiting for travel recommendations

September – October
September 12 – October 12, Scrap Love event recorded on August 29 will be shown online at

27-28, In the Flesh (ensemble version), Dansstationen, Malmö
Choreography: SU-EN. Dance: SU-EN & the Dollies. Art work: Mari Sjövall Anari. Music: Fabrice Bony. Voice: SU-EN. Lightdesign: Robert Berglund.
Tickets and info:

Maximum 50 people in the audience

Photo: Joan Laage

Scrap Life, dance video from 2006 is shown at Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm until 2020 in the section of dance.

A film about SU-EN Butoh Company in collaboration with Agustín Ortiz Herrera is under production 2017–2020.

Establishing the archive regarding Hijikata-Ashikawa/Hakutobo/Tomoe Shizune – SU-EN Butoh Company

The Window Project, art and dance videos