Due to the Coronavirus crisis in the world SU-EN Butoh Company has cancelled or postponed all performances until August, and then we will see how this develops.

Live performances are on pause. However creativity does not stop. Until we can meet each other live again – we want to share some visual and artistic material with you in the frame of The Window Project. Some material is already a few years old, some is new and some are work-in-progress, ideas that we never had time to investigate and some are just for fun.

To look outside. Watching the world through a window. To look to the inside, into the house. Through the window. To look into another person. Through their eyes – like windows.
Movement never stops. Life never ends. Dirt shines. Space cracks. Time laughs.

(A selection of SU-EN Butoh Company performances through stills and video is always available at

The Window Project presents

A Spring Dance
Filmed and danced around SU-EN Butoh Company Center, Haglund Skola area, Almunge, Sweden
May 3, 2020

With: Madeleine Holmlund and Heiko Klandt
Concept, camera and edit: SU-EN
Music: Birds, wind, tractors and cars

The video is 5:30 min long
Just a click away……

SU-EN Butoh Company Action plan and Activities 2020

All performances and events until June 2020 are cancelled or postponed.

12–15, workshop and performance project The Chicken Project, Haglund Skola, Sweden

14, K.R.O.P.P platform for dance at UKK, Uppsala. Theme: Animal/Human/Being
The Chicken project. Art work by Maria Nöremark, talks on theme and more.
Curator: SU-EN. Co-organised with Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Photo: Torsten Schenler

Photo: SU-EN

Photo: Maria Nöremark

17–18, In the Flesh (ensemble version), 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg
Choreography SU-EN. Art work Mari Sjövall Anari. Music Fabrice Bony. Voice SU-EN. Lightdesign Robert Berglund.

Photo: Joan Laage

8, Project Nature/Body/Sound Eric Sahlström Institute, Tobo. SU-EN and Lise-Lotte Norelius and the students of ESI folk music institute.
16-17, IKI – love. Choreography SU-EN. Music Lise-Lotte Norelius.
SU-EN lecture, Butohpolis Festival, Warsaw

16, IKI – love. Choreography SU-EN. Music Lise-Lotte Norelius. SU-EN curates SHARP and participates together with Helena Franzén and Cristina Caprioli. Swedish choreographers at International Dance and Theatre Festival, Theatre X, Tokyo.

Photo: Gunnar H Stening

21–30, workshop and performance project Scrap Love Summer Camp, Haglund Skola

29, Scrap Love – art and body event, Uppsala Skrotcentralen AB
SU-EN Butoh Company, workshop and guest artists in a cross-disciplin art event.

Photo: SBCO

27-28, In the Flesh (ensemble version), Dansstationen, Malmö
Choreography SU-EN. Art work Mari Sjövall Anari. Music Fabrice Bony. Voice SU-EN. Lightdesign Robert Berglund.

Scrap Life, dance video from 2006 is shown at Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm until 2020 in the section of dance.

A film about SU-EN Butoh Company in collaboration with Agustín Ortiz Herrera is under production 2017–2020.

Establishing the archive regarding Hijikata-Ashikawa/Hakutobo/Tomoe Shizune – SU-EN Butoh Company